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Ignore the Influence of Color and You Could Be Singing The Blues

By Insty-Prints - Eden Prairie

influence of color

It’s said you only get one chance to make a good first impression … and it’s proven that color plays a huge role in whether that impression on your consumers is positive or negative.

According to researchers, when shoppers first set foot in a store they make a subconscious judgement about the retail environment – and its products or services – within 90 seconds. And just how much of that first impression is based on color alone? As much as 90%!1

The influence of color on consumers

From packaging to advertising to signage and more, color impacts your sales on every level. Whether it’s a sign mounted on your building, a window graphic to promote a sale or a postcard to announce the arrival of this spring’s new styles, spending extra time on choosing the right color makes good sense. Consider this:

  1. Color matters in marketing. In research conducted by the Seoul International Color Expo, over 93% of subjects put the most importance on visual factors when purchasing products, eclipsing feel (5.6%), hearing (0.9%) and smell (also 0.9%).
  2. Color increases brand recognition. To what degree? By as much as 80%, according to a University of Loyola, Maryland study.
  3. Color boosts memorability. In findings reported by the Journal of Experimental Psychology, color helps people process images more efficiently than black-and-white scenes and, as a result, remember them better, too.
  4. Color improves readership. Multiple studies and sources report that color increases comprehension (by 73%), learning (55-68%) and readability (40%).

So, which color will work best for you?

Marketing software solutions provider Marketo took a closer look at colors, reporting shade-by-shade on how different choices can affect your business:

  • Black is employed by those who wish to communicate classic sophistication, and is often associated with expensive or upscale brands.
  • Blue is likely the most popular choice for brand colors, and is considered dependable, trustworthy, secure and responsible.
  • Brown is thought to be earthlike, natural and durable. The color speaks of simplicity and strength.
  • Green is synonymous with calm, freshness and health. Lighter shades communicate serenity, while darker greens are associated with affluence.
  • Orange is a color full of life and excitement. It communicates fun, exuberance, playfulness and vitality.
  • Red invokes a passionate response, and is aggressive, attention getting, energetic and provocative.
  • Purple is elegant, rich, and sophisticated, and is associated with royalty, nostalgia, spirituality and mystery.
  • White represents cleanliness and purity, making it a popular choice among healthcare and child-related businesses and organizations.
  • Yellow invokes sunny feelings of hope and optimism. Its brightness catches the eye and stimulates creativity and energy.

Consider these insights when creating brand identity, designing or packaging a new product, or promoting your latest offering. Smart marketers who acknowledge the influence of color in their efforts often leave competitors green with envy! Let the experts at Insty-Prints help you pick out the color that speaks to your business., Why Color Matters, Jill Morton