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Four Ways to Approach Companies for Nonprofit Sponsorships

By Insty-Prints - Eden Prairie

The partnerships created through nonprofit sponsorships are a two-way street. They provide monetary support to nonprofit organizations, and in return, provide companies with positive publicity for supporting a good cause, potentially leading to a boost in sales.

nonprofit sponsorships

In fact, a Cone Communications study revealed 91% of global consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause, given comparable price and quality. Even more, 61% of consumers are willing to try a new brand, or one they’ve never heard of, because of its association with a particular cause.

The struggle for many nonprofit organizations, however, is determining how to approach and convince the right companies to agree to a sponsorship opportunity. So, how can you go about it?

  • Prepare your value proposition. Keep in mind you will need to demonstrate the value of a partnership to the companies you approach. What impact will they be making in the community? Will their contributions gain positive publicity?
  • Identify appropriate corporations. When seeking nonprofit sponsorships, approach companies or local businesses that align with your cause, mission and core values. In a recent survey conducted by For Momentum, 92% of corporations stated that brand alignment is the most important factor when selecting a nonprofit to sponsor.
  • Start out small. As it might be difficult for small nonprofit organizations to reach larger companies, try setting your eyes on those within your reach. Be sure to describe how a partnership will allow them to both leverage your organization’s reach and promote their contributions to the local community.
  • Personally connect with them. Considering you’ve done your homework and have identified appropriate potential sponsors, stand out with a compelling story about your organization, or a story about someone’s life your organization changed.

Looking for more ideas on how to approach companies for nonprofit sponsorships? Contact Insty-Prints. We can help you promote your organization from every direction.