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Save Time and Money with Web-to-Print Online Portals

By Insty-Prints - Eden Prairie

Looking for ways to reduce waste and make your print ordering more efficient? Are you also looking for ways to better manage existing inventory? Look no further than today’s web-to-print online portals.

online portals

These systems go by many names: online print ordering, e-procurement or W2P. No matter what you call them, many small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are calling web-to-print online portals a smarter way to go.

For businesses with multiple locations, hundreds of documents that need to be accessed by many people, or documents that require frequent updates, it can be difficult to manage printed materials. That’s where web-to-print comes in as a solution.

Among the top benefits? Savings in both time and money. InfoTrends’ research revealed that users of online print ordering and management systems report an average savings of more than 14%. Beyond cost efficiencies, other key benefits include:

  • Waste reduction. According to Infotrends, 15-25% of print purchased is either thrown away or is somewhat out-of-date but still used. Considering you don’t maintain physical inventory, you avoid ending up with wasted inventory.
  • Easy brand management. Web-to-print online portals allows you to manage your brand by maintaining control over marketing, sales and training content – especially including logo usage and brand consistency standards.
  • Ease of ordering. Online portals make it easy to track purchasing and spending history for better planning and budgeting.

Web-to-print online portals are used across all business types and sizes. If you want to explore options for your organization, contact Insty-Prints.