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A ‘Banner’ Way To Maximize Your Messages

By Insty-Prints - Eden Prairie

Eden Prairie, MN – When was the last time a promotional piece made you stop and take notice? In a marketplace where people are bombarded with thousands of commercial messages every day, it is harder than ever to make heads turn. Full-color signs, posters and banners enlarge the possibilities for attention-grabbing marketing and promotional campaigns. .

Banners, posters and signs, typically 18 inches by 24 inches in size or larger, are a great way to increase attention at the point of purchase, trade shows, meetings and events. They can help companies attract customers, increase sales and motivate a workforce. Nonprofit organizations are also using these items to increase support and attract volunteers at fundraisers and events.

However, not all large print communications are created equal. It is best to consult with your print communications professional for recommendations on getting the most from your investment.

Design for Impact

To determine the best size for your banner, poster or sign, there are several factors to consider. First, think about your message and your audience. Do you want to shout or subtly remind? Second, carefully review where the piece will be placed. While bigger is usually better, it is also possible to overpower an area. Use paper mock-ups to gauge what size will work best. To determine where to place a banner, poster or sign, consider how people will move past it and where to best capture their attention.

Banners, posters and signs need color. In public places with lots of competition, bright and bold colors also help you break through the “clutter.” Color choices should be consistent with existing marketing materials.

Virtually any photo or graphic file can be enlarged to banner, sign or poster size. The best visuals are those that contain a strong central focal point as opposed to many elements that may not convey a clear message at a glance. Also, choose simple, easy-to-read type styles and avoid those that are ornamental or in script.

Consult with an Expert

Digital color printing technology has created a long list of new materials and techniques for producing signs, posters and banners. This list can be daunting. By asking a few simple questions, your print communications professional will make your decisions easy:

  • How long will your piece be used?
  • Where will the piece be displayed – inside or outside?
  • What is your budget?
  • Determining where the piece will be displayed and length of use helps dictate the material on which it will be printed. Most indoor signs are produced on paper and mounted on foam core for short-term use. However, some indoor signs need extra protection or added durability. Signs created on vinyl or canvas can usually be mounted directly on a wall.

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