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Insty-Prints and Ascend2’s Research Reveals Valuable Email and Content Marketing Insights for SMBs

By Insty-Prints - Eden Prairie

Eden Prairie, MN – Small and medium-sized business marketers (SMBs) say producing quality, relevant content is the biggest obstacle to email list building and effective content marketing, according to the latest in content and email marketing research conducted by Insty-Prints in partnership with Ascend2.

The two studies, Email List Growth and Content Marketing Trends polled SMBs across industries to understand the challenges to and opportunities for effective and cost-efficient marketing campaigns.

The reports provide marketers with valuable insights into common email and content marketing tactics and best practices to enable them to improve upon current campaigns. Other key findings include:

  • Increasing conversion rates (60%) and improving lead generation (53%) are the top goals for SMBs’ email marketing strategy.
  • Yet only 12% rate their email marketing as “very successful” at achieving important objectives.
  • The most effective types of content used are articles and case studies (55%), videos (45%) and infographics (45%), though videos are considered among the hardest to produce (59%).
  • Three out of four use a combination of in-house and outsourced talent to create content.

“Content marketing is a valuable tool for building a loyal audience,” said owner John Zalesky. “But with the explosion of new communications channels, it’s harder than ever to cut through the noise and get your content seen and heard. As always, it takes a mix. For example, combining print channels, like direct mail, with digital channels, like an online landing page.”

In addition to email and direct mail services, copywriting and graphic design services, Insty-Prints features advanced printing technologies including full-color printing, signs, posters and banners, complete finishing services, mailing services, promotional products and print management solutions.

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