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A Big Impression

Insty-Prints Eden Prairie, MN | Signs & Displays

“Hey! Look over here.” Isn’t that what signs and banners are supposed to get you to do? When they’re done well and you react to the implied command, they do so much more. In retail establishments, signs can enhance your store image, communicate the nature of what you do, help attract customers and drive impulse sales. No retail presence? Oversized posters and banners play a big role at your company meetings, special events, seminars and fundraisers.

Cost Conscious. Big impressions with signs, posters and banners don’t have to mean big expenses. Advances in digital printing have driven costs down … and you should be reaping the rewards. Whether you need paper signs for one-time use or heavy-duty vinyl that lasts for years, your solutions are always local and affordable with Insty-Prints.

We design, too! Custom fonts and multi-color logos are just the beginning. Your project is put into the hands of designers who know how to create large format files that meet your need for impact while minimizing costs. Too often, designs are done without knowledge of equipment capabilities, materials, mounting techniques and efficiencies. The result? You may be paying more than necessary. We make certain you avoid those high costs while getting all the punch and power that signs and banners should deliver.

Let Insty-Prints show you ways to be an attention-grabber.